Growing Up

Hey friend!

My name is James Allen, and here's my story:

I had a less than ideal childhood growing up. I was surrounded by alcoholism, drug abuse, and physical violence and I witnessed things that no kid should have to witness.

Don't get me wrong, I still had good times with my family, but the chaos in my life led to years of emotional trauma, depression, anger, and uncertainty.

When I was 17, my Mom introduced me to the book "The 4 Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz and that's when my life started to change for the better.

I fell in love with personal development and began "coaching" friends, family, and people in general on changing their thoughts, feelings, and actions without ever knowing it was coaching.

And the crazy part is... it was working!

I just wanted to help because I had been there before and I knew how to get out of it.

At that time, what I really wanted, was confidence. I knew that confidence was the key to my freedom. To greater friendships, relationships, and self-esteem.

I shortly realized that my true obsession was being the best possible version of myself so that I could be the role model that I never had growing up.



Over the years, I have become an international High-Performance coach, author, and content creator. 

I am in love with helping my clients live into their highest potential so they can feel more alive, engaged, purposeful, and free. 

I take a very holistic approach to success by helping my clients create a life and business that surpasses their expectations in their health, wealth, and relationships. 

To me, success is an inner game. This is why I help my clients with things like mindset, confidence, health & well-being, courage, leadership, high-performance, manifestation, on top of business strategy. 

I believe that, in order to succeed at a high level for the long term, which is what High-Performance is all about, you will need both a strong mindset coupled with an effective strategy.

My dream is to make 1 million people come alive. Which in turn, will make the world come alive.

I believe that's why you're here.

You want to make an impact in the world by being the best version of yourself. And for that, I am grateful to have you here.


I strive to be a role model and I mean it when I say, "Do what gives you life." 

I am an avid CrossFitter, certified skydiver, and drummer in a punk rock band called One Armed Joey.

I also love hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and anything outdoors or adventurous.

I make time for my hobbies and passions in my business so that my clients are more inspired to do it themselves.

Plus, I just love it ;-)


Every month, I donate 10% of my gross income to an organization called THORN.

Founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, THORN is on a mission to end child sex trafficking on the dark web by creating software that finds traffickers and children.

If this is something that interests you, click the button below to learn more and make a donation!

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